Surgical Guide Tubes

Zimmer Surgical Guide Tubes

PartMaker now offer Surgical Guide Tubes to suit any system

It is sometimes difficult, if not implausible, to source Surgical Guide Hardware from companies. Many are wanting to secure the Surgical Guide manufacture themselves, and don’t like dentists using softwares such as BlueSkyBio or Implastation for guides.

The Sleeves can be installed into milled ad printed guides and are designed to be reprocessed.

Made from

The Surgical Guide Sleeves and Tubes are made from Grade 5 Titanium. They are deigned to be accurate. They are designed as the genuine article was. It is also possible to have them made to your own design. PartMaker can help you design your tubes.

Surgical Guide Tube A

Surgical Guide Tubes are a sleeve that helps position the dental drill. They should allow the saline to pass through. They should be accurately fitting to the guide and drill.

Titanium is a poor conductor of heat and will not cause any problem with the resins.


Surgical Guide Tubes can be anodised for easy identification. Anodising is possible in the complete spectrum of shades but typically blue gold and purple are used.

PartMaker is a supplier of custom dental implant parts and components. We specialise in Titanium alloys.
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