HF spindle for Nobel Replace Custom Abutments

Making a customer some Nobel Replace select bases, we found that we were short an extra axis. Custom dental abutments can require special machining techniques to deal with the complex geometry

By adding an IBAG HF spindle in the frontwork, we have radial milling allowing yet another axis effectively

Made from Aluminium, it’s light and soaks the heat away. The design was adapted from a Tornos part and toolpaths generated manually from the coordinates

Thanks to Bruno for his crafty shortcuts and hand file. It’s always great to see a craftsman blending old and new.

We will mill Custom Abutments in Grade 5 Titanium and also from PEEK

HF spindle for Custom abutments 1

HF spindle for Custom abutments

HF spindle for Custom abutments 2

HF spindle for Custom abutments

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