Inserts for dental implant screwdrivers

PartMaker prides itself on Dental implant screwdrivers.

Dental implant screwdrivers are by far our most popular product in our range of parts . The screwdrivers have registered in Australia with the TGA. The are thus listed on the ARTG. If you have need for a size that is not listed, please contact us and we can manufacture to your needs.


PartMaker have made to suit most dental implant systems. We have also made to suit Synthes and Stryker bone screws.


The screwdrivers are manufactured using special heat treatable alloy. A Tornos Swiss lathe is used to carefully machine them. The same machine is used by Swiss watch manufacturers to make watch parts. So, the same exacting tolerances is used in Australia to make the finest dental implant screwdrivers.

The dental implant screwdrivers are designed to ISO1797. This means that they can be used in RA latch grip handpicks.  they can ask be used in our range of lab handles and torque wrench adapters. Spherical hexalobular “biaxial” screws are made with ease using a range of custom milling tools to control the shape.


We have developed a heat treatment process that leaves the drivers with a naturally shiny surface by working together with a local aerospace certified heat treatment facility. We found that the traditional techniques leave black or green oxide films. In our process results in the slightest of transparent blue if anything. A sign of a well designed process is in the elimination of further work.

PartMaker can also arrange for surface coating of the drivers. The hardness of the final product is already better than will be achieved with standard 316 stainless steel. This means that coating is not suggested unless for colour identification. The colours that are usually applied are Gold TiAlN. However, also a purple, gold and black colour are possible.

Think PartMaker

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