Custom Medentibases

Not everyone wants to be limited to stock Medentibases. Some people need Custom Medentibases These parts are common tooth replacement supports so they are usually made in Germany. Not every implant system is covered by Medentika. We are expanding their good solutions.

Our customer had a need for these parts and recognised partmaker as the solution.

custom medentibases

Crafted Parts

Turned on our Tornos GT13, these parts use every of the 6 axes.

The Titanium comes from Timet Metals in USA. It is precision ground H8 grade, so it runs true to 0.002mm. This allows us to hold really tight tolerances because it slides in our lovely House produced guide bushes, .

Clean Parts

The custom medentibases  are machined, chemically stripped, and machine washed. The Miele Thermal disinfector leaves clean parts. Clean Parts are critical in healthcare.


We use special Mylar bags that are heat sealed and labelled. This ensures that the components are delivered in a daily identified package.

PartMaker specialises in custom dental implant parts. We machine Titanium and cobalt chrome components.
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