Custom Bi-Axial Straumann RC Screw

Custom designed Bi-Axial RC Screw Compatible with Straumann System

PartMaker recently had a client reach out with the hopes of designing and manufacturing a screw from Straumann, but instead of having a traditional top-down driver and screw interface, the client wanted to access the screw head with the screwdriver an an angle.

Straumann does not currently make screws with this capability, so in order to provide a suitable solution, the team at PartMaker had multiple in-depth discussions with the client to find an appropriate solution to the unique problem.

After careful consideration, Dr Hart and the team proposed an effective method whereby a bi-axial system would be implemented. This was found to be an ideal solution as the main body and structural integrity of the screw was unaffected due to the system being contained only to the screw head and driver interface. 

The bi-axial system allows up to a 30 degree angle difference between the driver and screw head. This opens up a host of ergonomic benefits for not just the client, but the patient as well due to the screw now gaining the ability to be placed in locations not previously suitable. Furthermore, the system interfaces perfectly with PartMaker’s in-house line of bi-axial drivers as well, making for a comprehensive driver-interfacesystem.

This is just one of many cases where clients approached PartMaker with the hopes of designing and manufacturing something novel. By utilising high-end manufacturing and design equipments in the PartMaker workshop, along with the technical expertise of the team, PartMaker was able to deliver on a unique problem.

PartMaker is a manufacturing company that makes custom dental solutions such as custom screws, abutments, LOCATOR® compatible parts, and many more for different systems to service the specific needs of clients and customers. This experience with a wide range of custom products gives PartMaker an upper hand in developing innovative solutions to unique problems.