EXOCAD EXPERTS – Guide Tubes 2018-11-09T16:42:19+10:30

PartMaker are the Exocad Experts.

We design and generate Exocad implant libraries, provide Exoplan parts, and manufacture hardware for all digital workflows.

Custom Guide Tubes

Ask about custom Guide Tubes, Digital model analogs, Scan Bodies, TiBases, MultiUnit Abutment Parts. We can make them in a range of materials at very reasonable prices. For laboratories, we do offer OEM branding on all of our parts. Integrate into Implastation, Exoplan, BlueSkyBio, and DDS-Pro implant planning softwares.

Also ask about customised BAR PROFILES  and ATTACHMENTS for improved milling efficiencies. We match bars and attachments to tools so that your machining times are reduced.

PartMaker design files in 3D modelling software, generate the necessary stl files, and output meshes that are the correct triangulation and density to match to the scans from major dental scanners such as 3Shape Trios, Medit, and Maestro.

You can submit our libraries to Exocad for digital signing. all the hard work is taken out of generating libraries.

We generate the config xml files on request for all of our parts.